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233 Madison Square Dr., Madisonville, KY 42431

Your #1 Nail Salon in Madisonville, KY

As a beloved, professional Nail Salon since 2000, Cute Nails and Spa has everything to keep your nails looking elegant. Our goal is to make sure you get VIP treatment so you walk out as the best version of yourself. Contact us today and treat yourself to any one of our pampering services!


Let us pamper you!

Please note that we strive to keep our website updated with the latest information.

However, prices listed on website are subject to change without notice. Prices were last updated 9/17/2018.

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We are committed to delivering service that promotes health, well-being, comfort, and beauty. Among many of our priorities are grade-A sanitation standards, client-focused attention, and beauty care.

We are committed continuously upgrading our services and facilities.

Cute Nails and Spa

233 Madison Square Dr.

 Madisonville, KY 42431, USA


Mon: 9am - 7pm
Tue: 9am - 7pm
Wed: 9am - 7pm
Thu: 9am - 7pm
Fri: 9am - 7pm
Sat: 9am - 7pm

About Us

We feature Professional Services, and care about your health and safety


At Cute Nails & Spa, every precaution is taken to ensure your safety and protect your health. Be confident that we follow every preventive procedure then it comes to your well-being.


We are committed to delivering service that promotes health, well-being, comfort, and beauty. Among many of our priorities are grade-A sanitation standards, client-focused attention, and beauty care. We committed continuously upgrading our services and facilities.

Our Services

Menu and Price List of the services Cute Nails and Spa provides our valued customers


Natural Nail Care

  • Classic Manicure Regular color - 15

  • UV Gel color Manicure - 25

  • UV Gel French Manicure -30

Just Polish Change

  • Non-gel Nails Polish - 7

  • Non-gel Nails Polish French - 10

  • Non-gel Toes Polish - 10

  • Non-gel Toes French - 12

  • Shellac Polish Nails - 15 Up

  • Shellac Polish Nails French - 20 Up

  • Shellac Polish Toes - 20 Up

  • Shellac Polish Toes French - 25 up

  • Shellac Polish on artificial nails - 20 Up

Spa Pedicure

  • Classic Spa pedicure Regular Color Classic - 30

  • Pedicure UV Gel Color - 45

  • Deluxe Spa Pedicure - 40

  • Milk & Honey Spa Pedicure - 50

  • Voesh's Organic Deluxe Green Tea - 55

  • Organic Ultimate - 60

  • Jelly Spa Pedicure - 65

  • Heavenly Pampered Spa Pedicure - 65

  • Gel Polish add on any pedicure  - 20 Up

Princess 10 and under

  • Manicure - 10

  • Pedicure - 20

  • Manicure And Pedicure - 30

  • Nail Polish - 5

  • Toes Polish - 7

  • Design Or French - 3 Up

Extra Services

For Manicure & Pedicure

  • Paraffin Hands - 7
    Paraffin Feet - 10
    Hot Stone Hand Or Feet - 5 Up
    Nail Arts - 5 Up
    Acrylic Nail Repair - 3 Up
    Pink And White Repair - 5 Up
    Take Off without new service - 10
    Take Off with new service - 5
    Extra Long Nails - 5 Up
    Nail shape - 5


Acrylic (Fair)

  • Full Set non-gel polish - 30 Up

  • Full Set With UV Gel polish - 40 Up

  • Color Acrylic Overlay - 25

  • Acrylic Fill In - 20 Up


Power Gel

  • Full Set - 35 Up

  • Color Tip - 45 Up

  • Pink Tip - 40 Up

  • Fill In - 25 Up


Solar Pink & White

  • Full Set - 50 Up

  • Pink And White - 45 Up

  • Fill In Pink Fill  - 30 Up


Liquid Gel

  • Pink And White - 60 Up

  • Pink Fill - 30 Up

  • Full Set with UV Gel color - 50 Up

  • Fill with UV Gel Color - 35 Up


Pedicure Menu

Let Us Pamper You!

We use disposable liners for ​each customer on our spa pedicure chair.

This assures a 100% clean, safe, and sanitary beauty experience.

1. Cute Nails Classic Pedicure: $30/ 30 Minutes

A quick refresher for your feet and relax from your soles. Includes shape and file, cuticle conditioning, callus remove. Lower legs massage with a unique moisturizer lotion. Finish with warm towels.

2.Deluxe Spa: $45/ 40 Minutes

For the ultimate indulgence, ease your feet into an aromatic foot soak, reshape nails cuticle detail buffering to the healthy shine, OPI salt glow exfoliation, callus remover, Marine masks wrap with warm towels. Receive deep tension massage with a unique lotion soothes pain and muscles aches, heals dry or damaged skin.

3.Milk & Honey Spa Pedicure: $50 / 45 Minutes

Relieve tired, achy legs and feet with this re-mineralizing pedicure including an aromatic foot soak reshapes nail cuticle detail, buffering to a healthy shines, Cuccio Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub, Milk & Honey salt glow, exfoliation, callus remover, followed by a Marine mask wrap with warm towels, also receive a tension relieving massage with hot stone and butter massage Crème.

4.Voesh's Organic Deluxe Green Tea Pedicure: $55 / 1Hr.

Voesh's individual spa pedicure collection is a four-step treatment that enriches skin with key ingredients to give feet much needed nutrients. Each set is individually packed ensuring a clean and hygienic spa pedicure solution. Each set includes a mud mask, foot scrub, massage lotion, and a deep sea mineral salt soak system.

5. Organic Experience by BCL $60/1Hr.

Spearmint + Vanilla

Pamper and relax your tired feet by treating them to an organic sea salt soak. This deluxe foot treatment naturally removes tired skin cells with cane sugar exfoliation and prepares them for a luxurious moisture mask infused with spearmint and vanilla to renew the skin. Complete the treatment with the power of the healing touch by using reflexology-inspired massage techniques and an antioxidant-rich massage cream filled with natural oils that leave your skin naturally soft and radiant.

Heavenly Pampered Spa Pedicure $65 /1Hr.


A truly Pampered Spa Pedicure for a well-deserved treat, your feet are bathed in aromatic soak. Reshaped nails, cuticle are groomed and conditioned, callus remover, Mineral Sugar and Citrus Sugar Glow exfoliation, followed by a

Mud Mask on your feet then wrapped with a warm towel. Indulge your feet in warm Paraffin. Finish your treatment with hot stone massage. This is the perfect recipe for softer skin and for a vibrant healthy glow followed by polish.

Gel Polish Add-on for any Pedicure

Shellac French $25

Shellac Color $20 up


In Memory

Cute Nails and Spa Co-Founder
Dong Le (Dawn)


Beloved wife and mother

Contact Us!

233 Madison Square Dr, Madisonville, KY 42431, USA

(270) 452-2992


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